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SKYTECKS honeycomb       Aluminum Honeycomb Ceiling Panel

SKYTECKS honeycomb is a composite metal ceiling materials having sound absorption function. It has perforated holes on the surface of metal composite panel. SKYTECKS has been developed for ceiling materials. Otherwise, it can also apply for inner space wall cladding for sound diminution.

SKYTECKS honeycomb is a metal composite honeycomb structure ceiling materials. Normally both side aluminum skins with perforation are laminated honeycomb materials. The strong structure such as H-beam is basic ideas of honeycomb panel as well as lightweight. It has various product specifications; skin materials, total thickness, hexagonal shape honeycomb core, many types of perforation holes on the surface of metal skins. Additionally, an acoustic non-woven can have more sound absorbing power.
Light-weight, long span, noise level controls are the most befits of this product as ceiling materials

Honeycomb panel is consists of hexagonal shape of honeycomb core and two sheets of aluminum surfaces. Its hexagonal shape of core makes optimum mechanical properties and is able to carry shear loads at much lower weight than foams or other core types. High rigidity and excellent flatness makes designer's universal choice when they desired.

The honeycomb core endows the composite panel with an exceptionally high bending strength at an extremely low weight. In terms of traditional honeycomb panels with brittle-hard bonding systems like epoxy, the HIVETECKS bonding system is tough and high degree of elasticity. The advantages of these are improved peel strength, especially.




- Long span perforated panel available for airport terminals
  without stiffeners

  - Airport terminal and train, subway, bus terminal ceilings
  - The places needed for sound diminution such as subway
  - The places needed for fire-flammability as a ceiling material
  - Lobby ceilings and canopy ceiling of the buildings
  - Partitions for restaurant and offices

 - Long span composite panel
Modern architectural spaces need wider and longer panel specification in order to achieve unlimited design application, especially, airport terminal, museum and art center etc. Such distinctive feature propose the manufacturer to make high performance products. SKYTECKS ceiling products are one of the example to satisfied with such architects or designers.

Items SKYTECKS Non-metal ceilings Metal ceilings


100 400 240

     Span without stiffener

100 35 45


100 100 8

Span comparison
- Above mentioned digital means relative digital, not real number.
- Non-metal ceilings include gypsum boards, cement boards etc.
- Metal ceiling materials include galvanized steel, aluminum sheets etc.
- SKYTECKS means SKYTECKS HONEYCOMB model which composed total 10.0mm thickness and front skin aluminum 0.5mm and rear skin 0.5mm aluminum and 3/8" cell sized core with closed box type model.

- Sound-proof
An basic technology of automotive NVH control affects on this product. Hole diameter size and open rate related to NRC efficiency. From high frequency band to low frequency, SKYTECKS series are the most appropriate materials for ceiling application as well as inner space wall cladding. Depending on the model numbers, SKYTECKS series has 0.55 to 0.75 results equally.
* NVH stands for noise, vibration and harshness.
* NRC means noise reduction coefficient.

- Light weight
The most benefit of SKYTECKS is light weight even among metal ceiling materials as well as non-metal materials. Especially, SKYTECKS HONEYCOMB is very light compare to other ceiling materials. 10mm thickness SKYTECKS HONEYCOMB weighs only 3.7 kilograms per square meters. To be light is related to be flatness and long span available. You can see the details on product specification.

- Flatness
SKYTECKS series are flat because it is composite structure. The composite structure helps to be flat and strong tensile. SKYTECKS HONEYCOMB and SKYTECKS ACM are composite structure so that it is flat enough not like single metal ceiling panel for spandrels.
In order to be flat as a single metal panel, such product should be reduce its width. Our SKYTECKS series products do not hang down or twist by itself.

- Corrosion resistance
SKYTECKS series are made by an aluminum and various premiers and paints. It is free occurring water leak from the ceiling or corrosion problems.
- Meets ISO 1182 for Non-Combustibility of core
- Meets ISO 5659-2 Smoke and Toxicity
- Meets non-combustible materials by GOST, Russia



     AL + honeycomb core + AL


     10-25 mm (depend on panel length)


     1250 m


     2000 - 4000 mm

     Skin thickness

     0.5 to 2.0 of aluminum

     Cell size

     1/4, 3/8 1/2

Model No. Dia.[mm] Pitch [mm] Open rate Angle
SKYTECKS HONEYCOMB 2516 2.5 5.5 16% 60
SKYTECKS HONEYCOMB 2532 2.5 3.9 32% 60
SKYTECKS HONEYCOMB 3014 3.0 7.0 14% 60
SKYTECKS HONEYCOMB 3029 3.0 4.9 29% 60

- Panel width and hole coverage
Our standard source panel width is 1020, 1250 and 1575mm. We recommend within 1020 and 1250 mm for ceiling panel width and depend on user's requirements, the perforated holes put on full coverage on the panel or edge spaces. technology without honeycomb dimple mark

- Edge and middle spaces
When ordering, user can discuss full coverage of holes on the panel or edge spaces of the panel or edge space and middle spaces between the hole section.


The composition of honeycomb panel can be varied. It is not efficient to match all combinations from the customer's various requirements.

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